One System / One Voice is a learning-oriented group dedicated to organizational transformation. For years, we have been intrigued by the number and variety of approaches that organizations take to transformation - and often with limited success. Through failure and success we have learned that the successful transformation begins with leaders understanding the difference between Multi System / Multi Voice organizations and Single System / Single Voice organizations and which best describes their current state. We counsel and coach leaders to understand the change in thinking and behavior required to transform to a One System / One Voice culture.

    Once an organization has chosen to transform we work with leaders to drive change from within, using the skills and thinking of employees at all levels. Our methodology is to begin with the customer and work back through the value chain building relationships to optimize the delivery of value to the Customer, Shareholder, and the Associates.

    We engage at all levels - from leaders and managers to value creators - making rapid improvements to operational performance. We develop partnerships with internal change agents and interact in a variety of ways, ranging from direct process improvement to advising and coaching.

    We ask difficult questions that challenge the status quo thus causing deep reflection. We create awareness of cultural barriers and cause unquestioned assumptions to be examined.

    We see organizational transformation as a behavioral science issue not an engineering issue. We do not re-wire nor do we re-program people, instead we use counseling methodologies like Motivational Interviewing (MI) and coaching to assist leaders, managers and value creators in transforming their thinking.