My answer to the question is "D" or "0".

What are you first thoughts? What is going through your mind?

Do you disagree? Do you think I am wrong? Do you think I am trying to trick you?

Are you thinking they are not marbles? Did you think this was a test?


Was your first thought to seek to understand why I think it is "D"? 

Were you thinking this question was simply designed to help me understand how you see the world and all answers are correct? Maybe how and why see the world differently is more important that the numeric value.

A Lean Leader has an inquisitive mind seeks to understand first! Then to be understood!

Would it be helpful to know that I am Red - Green colorblind, that I am dyslexic and see the world in images. My answer is simply different from yours, no less or no more correct. Now that you know how I see the world we can have a meaningful conversation.


All answers are correct if your purpose is to understand how someone sees and thinks!