A Brief Introduction to Coaching Past Denial & Resistance: Training Options

Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (1 day)

Training of up to one day can acquaint the audience with basic concepts and methods of Coaching Past Denial and Resistance. The purpose of this type of workshop is to help participants determine how interested they are in learning more about Coaching Past Denial and Resistance. 

  • The trainer may provide some simple exercises that a practitioner can try to get a "taste" of the skills used to Coach Past Denial and Resistance 
  • The format may be primarily didactic, and may include live or videotaped demonstrations of MI.

Introduction to MI Practicum–Training Option (Introductory Workshop of 2-3 days)

With 16-24 hours of training contact time, it is possible to provide participants with an understanding of the spirit and method of MI, and to offer some practical experience in trying out this approach. A reasonable goal for this level of training is not MI proficiency, but rather to "learn how to learn" MI from ongoing practice. 

  • Expect a mix of didactic presentation, demonstration, and practice exercises. 
  •  A limited number of participants per trainer allows some opportunity for observation and feedback. Limitations will vary depending on the precise goals and nature of the training, but we recommend no more than 40 participants per trainer. 
  •  Research and experience caution that attendees may leave a one-time introductory workshop overconfident in their mastery of MI. 
  • Optimally, this length of training should be provided in blocks of 4 hours or so, with opportunity in between for participants to practice MI and come back with experience and problems (for example, 4/4/4: 4 sessions of 4 hours each spread over 4 months).
  • Many organizations choose to contract for full day concurrent workshops. While practical for attendees, this learning option reduces the applicability and retention of MI practice compared to dividing sessions with personal practice in between. Research indicates a reduction in MI skill level within 4 months (Miller & Mount, 2001). 
  • Adding opportunities for personal performance feedback (e.g., from practice audiotapes) and/or individual coaching can significantly increase the effectiveness of training in helping participants to improve their clinical proficiency.